A Little About Titan

A Little About Titan

Since this guy is my current project, and I’m going to be posting about his progress I’ll tell you guys a little about him. Titan’s an 11 year old registered paint gelding whose had a bit of a rough go at life. I’m still trying to scrap together bits of his past, but I’ve gotten a good picture from what I have now.

At one point he was used as a barrel horse and supposedly did alright at this. Although, it wasn’t long before he become blown up because no one had put any formal training on him. He was only trained to run, at all times. I don’t mean a casual gallop, I mean balls to the walls run. So when he stopped performing well in barrels, he was thrown out in a bare “pasture” for a year without any food.

Somehow he survived that and a family friend of ours ended up buying him in this state, just wanting to get some weight back on him. She did an excellent job of getting him nice and healthy again for two years and put a few rides on him here and there.

Then when this family friend realized he needed a home who could put more saddle time in him, which she couldn’t do due to back problems, she began looking for a potential buyer. I ended up doing a free lease on him and for the first time in my life I could not get along with a horse. I finally realized what people meant when they said they just couldn’t click with their horses. For the two months that I leased him he threw me repeatedly, reared, bucked, bit, kicked me and embarrassed me in front of large amounts of people and I can’t even explain how frustrated this little horse made me. I made the agreement with his owner to spend a month working the vices out of him before sending him back to her so she could sell him to someone else.

In that month we did work through the vices. I started doing liberty work with him, and some natural horsemanship, and while we had a ways to go we were definitely getting somewhere. But at this point I felt it wouldn’t be fair to cancel our arrangements on his owner, plus I was a junior in high school I barely had time for a horse with all my homework.

When his owner came to pick him up he acted worse then any of us imagined he could have. He has a bad fear of trailers to begin with, but even knowing that it was hell and back getting him to load into it. He knew I was giving him back. He drug several of us, reared, bucked, and damn near knocked the trailer over. It took about five professional trainers plus four of us to get him in after an hour.

We drove up to where he was and bought him the next morning.

Now I’m re starting him completely and I’ll be posting about our progress and challenges in this blog.




Before I get started, I’d like to introduce myself as well as explain what my hopes are for this blog. I’ve decided to follow my dream of being a trainer, even if it’s not the safest bet in this era – it’s where my heart is. So I’ll be posting about my progress as a trainer, the horses progress, and general horsey things in between.

About Me
> I’m 17.
> I currently own Titan (the paint horse pictured), two chinchillas, and an American bulldog.
> I’m a huge animal lover, if that wasn’t obvious.
> I’ve been in intense lessons since I was 5, both English and western.
> Thursdays are my favorite day of the week.
> Feel free to ask about anything else